PPRIVATE ONE on ONE CLASS:  Our private classes work on anything and everything. In or private classes we will teach watch (eye contact), Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Heel, Leave it, Loose leash walking, doorway stay, Waits ( loading unloading car, doorways, food etc.).  In these classes we will also cover aggression, fear, conformation, agility and more.  These classes are one hour long once a week for $40.00. For basic commands it takes about 5-6 classes.  Aggression and fear is not set with a number of classes. Each dog is different.
       AKC CGC CLASS:  AKC Canine Good Citizen classes are for dogs who already know sit, down, stay, come, heel, loose leash walking. This is a 6 week advanced obedience class for friendly dogs. We meet once a week for 6 weeks for an hour each week for $100.00 on the 6 th week you take the AKC CGC test. This test is 10 test items. Check out for more info. Classes must be prepaid and cancelations must be made 7+ days in advanced or you will not receive a refund.
BASIC OBEDIENCE “GROUP” CLASS:  This class is for groups of 5 or more.  We will teach watch, sit, down, stay, come, heel, leave it, loose leash walking.  This is a 6 week class meeting once a week for an hour each week for $125.00. Classes must be prepaid and cancelations must be made 7+ days in advanced or you will not receive a refund. Check us out on Facebook for up coming start dates.
BOARD and TRAIN Some owners are very busy and unable to devote the time to working on obedience everyday with their dogs. We understand this and offer Board and Train for this reason.  Your dog will stay with us for 15 to 30 days depending on what needs to be taught and how far the dog needs to go.  If the dog is having fear or aggressive behavior, we require a few videos of the dog’s behavior and your reactions.  This is important to read what is going on communication wise with you and your dog. This will also determine what method we need to use to better help your dog. We do not make robot dogs, your dog will still be allowed to be a dog but will have more respect and understanding of what is expected.  We do require that you bring the dog to us and we bring the dog home.  We have several programs to choose from based on your needs.  Basics plus behavioral issues in the home where your dog goes home and works with the trainer 2 weeks for issues like counter surfing, jumping on furniture, stealing food, begging, door darting, etc, $850.00.  Basics plus major behavioral issues such as fear and aggression 30 day program $1700.00.